Behavioral Health Today

Valant EHR Solutions with Ram Krishnan – Episode 148

May 3, 2022

Valant EHR software understands both the technical aspects and the emotional aspects of what's happening between the client and the provider interaction at the time. Valant has created clinical documentation that happened in a way that retains the connection between the two, during a session, that's so critical. In today’s episode, Dr. Erin Elmore is joined by Ram Krishnan, CEO of Valant an EHR software solution for behavioral health private practices. Ram has experience in healthcare information management, working on market-changing products, and started as a systems engineer. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago.  Ram joined Valant in 2020 and has led the organization through its next stage of growth, listening to customers and building strong teams, providing a strong foundation for Valant to double down on serving the behavioral healthcare market. Together they discuss the common challenges with EHRs, the features of Valant including measurement-based tracking, billing software, and group therapy, and Valant’s specific focus on addressing the needs of behavioral and mental health. Valant gives you an integrated solution that allows you to provide better care, run a smoother and more efficient operation, and remain compliant.


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