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Surfacing Superpowers within ADHD with Dr. Ned Hallowell & Dr. Lloyd Sederer – Episode 74

May 25, 2021

ADHD is not a disorder entirely because it can be associated with success at the highest levels. In his latest book, ADHD 2.0, Dr. Ned Hallowell not only reframes the ADHD condition, he renames the condition as VAST, for Variable Attention Stimulus Trait. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Dr. Ned Hallowell and Dr. Lloyd Sederer about the condition known as ADHD. Together they discuss the importance of relationships, treatment options, education, and the stigma of this condition. We can reframe ADHD as Variable Attention Stimulus Trait (VAST) and by reframing this condition from a deficit disorder to VAST, it gives families and parents hope that these are problems that can be solved, and often really responsive to treatment, that can ignite a child's life in the best of ways.


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