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Clinicians Series: Transitioning to Fatherhood with Rob Feiner, LPC – Episode 125

January 25, 2022

Today’s episode is part of our clinicians’ series, where we take you behind the therapist door to give you an insight into what happens within the therapeutic relationship. In this episode, Dr. Erin Elmore is joined by Rob Feiner. Rob is a licensed clinical counselor and has a private practice in Torrance, California with two decades of experience coaching diverse individuals. In 2018, Rob became a father and since then he’s combined his years of coaching and mental health with his experience fathering and now focuses his practice to include fathers-to-be on their journey to parenthood. Together, Erin and Rob discuss welcoming clients into therapy and working with fathers-to-be, normalizing the experience, utilizing a cognitive mindfulness-based approach to therapy, common cognitive distortions, teaching clients to emotionally engage, and finally, ending therapy and relapse prevention.


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